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Google Earth turns 10, celebrates with new Voyager and expanded Earth View features

Its been a decade long journey for the Google Earth! As Google Earth earth turns 10, the search giant decided to celebrate with two new features now available for all – Voyager and expanded Earth View.

Voyager will take users to some of the most interesting locations in the world. The first edition of Voyager will include five sections namely, Street View, Earth View, 3D cities, satellite imagery updates and highlight tour. You will see highlights fro Street View including the Taj Mahal and the Grand Canyon, striking landscapes across the globe as seen from space, cities will be seen in photorealistic 3D, and so on.


Earth View is a collection of the ‘most striking’ landscapes available in Google Earth that started as a 20 percent project last year by a few Googlers. The images soon made their way onto Android phones, Chromecast and Chromebooks in the form of wallpaper.

“For Earth’s 10th birthday, we’re expanding the Earth View collection to 1,500 landscapes from every continent and ocean and making it accessible to even more people. The new imagery is available with an updated version of our Chrome extension and a new web gallery. Download high-resolution wallpapers for your mobile and desktop devices, or better yet, print them up for your walls,” Google writes in its official blog.

In its 10 year journey, Google Earth’s evolution began in 2005. In August of that year, Hurricane Katrina showed how useful mapping tools like Earth could be for crisis response efforts. Earth has also helped to discover new coral reefs, journey to the Moon and into deep space, the blog further adds.


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