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Samsung is confirmed to re-release the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in 2024

Just a few days ago there were some rumors that Samsung might be re-releasing the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Now GSMChina has some information to confirm this and they reveal the existence of the Tab S6 Lite 2024 models with the IMEI database. Samsung will officially launch the new tablet again in 2024. We also learned that this tablet has received some upgrades.

Samsung is re-releasing Tab S6 Lite in 2024

The first Tab S6 Lite was introduced in 2020. This model had an Exynos 9611 chip and attracted everyone’s attention with high sales numbers. That’s why Samsung re-released the same tablet in 2022 with a different processor. This time it arrived with the Snapdragon 732G SOC. Now Samsung has decided to relaunch the Tab S6 Lite. The new Galaxy Tab S6 Lite will have an Exynos 1280. This will significantly improve performance compared to the previous generation S6 Lite.

  • SM-P625
  • SM-P627

The IMEI database reveals 2 different Tab S6 Lite 2024 models. The model number SM-P625 belongs to the Tab S6 Lite 2024 which will be sold globally. The second model number is SM-P627. This model number belongs to the model that will be sold in Turkey.

There is also a Wifi version of Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2024. The Wi-Fi version has the model number SM-P620. We already came across this model a few weeks ago. The Geekbench result confirms that the new Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2024 will have an Exynos 1280 SOC.

Samsung surprised everyone and probably thought it’s a good idea to reintroduce their most selling tablet with the same name. We expect the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2024 to delight users and at the same time, hopefully, Samsung will be able to achieve the desired success again.
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