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Zuckerberg takes another swipe at Apple’s headset in ongoing tech rivalry; Deets inside

Mark Zuckerberg is at it again! In a recent conversation, Zuckerberg and Benedict Evans, a Mosaic Ventures partner, discussed the benefits and drawbacks of Apple’s Vision Pro versus Meta’s Quest.

  • Zuckerberg criticizes Apple’s Vision Pro headset again, comparing its shortcomings to Meta’s Quest
  • Apple sold over 200,000 Vision Pro since January and Meta boasts around 20 million Quests since 2019

In a recent Threads exchange, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed Apple’s Vision Pro headset with Benedict Evans, a Mosaic Ventures partner, and expressed his continued skepticism about the device as per Business Insider. This discussion sheds light on Meta’s ongoing rivalry with Apple in the tech world.

Comparing tradeoffs: Quest vs. Vision Pro 

Zuckerberg and Evans talked about the perceived “tradeoffs” in Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset, with Zuckerberg claiming that these compromises make the $3,500 device inferior to Meta’s $500 competitor, Quest.

Evans pointed out that Apple’s headset is essentially the device Meta aims to achieve in 3-5 years, whereas the Quest is priced at the level Apple aspires to in the same timeframe.

“I don’t think we’re saying the devices are the same,” Zuckerberg clarified, adding, “We’re saying Quest is better.” He expressed concerns about the weight, motion blur, and precision inputs of Apple’s Vision Pro, implying that if Meta’s devices exhibit similar flaws in the future, the company will regress.

Quest’s strong performance vs. Vision Pro sales 

Despite Zuckerberg’s criticisms, Apple has reportedly sold over 200,000 Vision Pro units since its preorder launch in January. In contrast, Meta sold approximately 20 million units of the Quest between its launch in 2019 and February of the previous year.

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