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Google Drops Android Q Beta 3 With New Navigation Controls, More Features

Google is making speedy plans to ensure the Android Q hits the market as at when due. That is evident in how they are improving their launch sequences, so much that we are already on the third beta version of the coming dessert.

Wait a minute: you haven’t heard that the Android Q Beta 3 is out already?

If you are currently signed on to the beta program, and your device happens to be on the list of supported units, you should go get your own update too.

This is not just one of those maintenance updates that fix bugs and brings stability – although it does those things too. What we love most about this one is the features it brings, and the ones it takes away.

Of course, you shouldn’t be looking to have Android Beam again, and it is not coming back anytime soon either. What we expect at this stage is some upgrade to that, and we would love to have something that worked as seamlessly as AirDrop on the iPhones.

Besides that, there is a revamped navigation system in place. If you have been looking forward to getting rid of the back button, here is to that dream coming true. If we are to look closely at this, we might say Google is finally going the way of Apple in cutting down the buttons to the barest minimum and essentials.

We shouldn’t spoil all the fun for you here. Go get your betas and let’s know what you think of it too.


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