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10 tech inventions that should really exist by this point

Looking ahead at technology of the future often leaves us with a very cliché question: Where are our flying cars?

We might not be cruising through the air in personalized SUVs just yet, but if self-driving and self-park vehicles are any indication, modern advancements are inching much closer to an automated, hyper-smart lifestyle.

As geniuses in Silicon Valley and their garages work to revolutionize our world, we couldn’t help but dream up what other type of inventions — both big and simple — could have lasting impact our lives.

Here’s a look at a few of the inventions we want to see, from a hairdryer that saves 20 minutes in the morning to shoes that morph into snow boots.

Tech Inventions Baby Scanner


Tech Invention Shirt

Tech Invention Teleportation

Tech Invention Reserve Microwave

Tech Invention Hairdryer

Tech Invention Dog

Contact Lenses

Tech Invention Time Machine


Tech Invention Shoes



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