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Apple’s iPhone 13 could replace your… iPad?

We’ve already heard all manner of iPhone 13 rumours, covering everything from the battery life to the infamous notch (will it stay or will it go?). The latest leak might not be as visually compelling as design rumours and renders, but it could just be the most exciting news yet.

According to a notable Apple leaker, the iPhone 13 Pro could feature a new storage option to rival not just previous iPhones, but even the most current iPads. The company is allegedly testing the iPhone 13 Pro with up to 1TB of storage – double the 512GB maximum of the 12 Pro. A 1TB iPhone could well become the best camera phone for anyone creating content on the go.

iPhone 13 concept

A recent render of the upcoming iPhone 13 (Image credit: Concept Creator)

A video shared by FrontPageTech (below) suggests that Apple is testing iPhone 13 Pro models with a maxed-out storage option not even available on any iPad other than the super-powerful iPad Pro. (Check out these unmissable iPad Pro deals if you’re looking for the best Apple tablet money can buy).

The benefits of extra storage are obvious for creatives and digital artists. You might already be using the best photo apps or best video editing apps, but running out of space for the content itself isn’t ideal. The iPhone 12 Pro Max might be the ‘photographer’s iPhone’ (Apple’s words), but unless you’re also carrying a laptop or one of our best external hard drives, you could end up stuck. Not so with the iPhone 13, apparently.

Of course, with great storage comes great price tag (that’s what they say in the Spider-Man comics, right?). Knowing Apple, the company behind $999 monitor stands and $699 wheels, a 1TB iPhone will be anything but cheap. The cheapest 1TB iPad Pro starts at $1,299 / £1,269 and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the highest-spec iPhone 13 reach similar heights.

Still, if content’s your game, a 1TB iPhone could be a dream come true – and only 14 years after the first iPhone shipped with only 4GB of storage. Add this to all of the other iPhone 13 rumours we’ve already heard and this year’s device is shaping up to be pretty special. Two words, incidentally, that we’d still happily use to describe the iPhone 12. If you want the best iPhone available now, check out today’s best deals below.


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