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Are Gaming Routers worth spending A Little Extra?

Gaming routers are a bit different from traditional wireless routers. They are specifically designed to give an excellent internet experience to users so that they can use the internet at its full potential and also enjoy their online gaming.

Gaming routers are different from standard routers in many aspects, with the most noteworthy being that the former focuses mostly on the quality of connection to provide the best speeds possible for a smooth and seamless online gaming experience.
A gaming router is designed specifically for hardcore gamers that want to enjoy the best online gaming experience possible. With all of that being said, is a gaming router better than a normal router and worth spending a little extra money? Let’s find out:

Difference In Ping

One of the major differences between a gaming router and a normal router is the difference in ping. If you don’t know what ping is then it is time that it takes for the signal from the computer to reach the remote server that is hosting the game. For online gamers, ping is very important because it can be the difference in a first-person shooter game in killing the opponent and getting killed.

Generally, the lower the ping, the better and more stable the gaming experience is. A higher ping results in lag in online games and it can cause players to miss crucial opportunities. A ping of less than 100 ms is considered as good and the ideal ping for most games is 20 ms.

The advantage of a gaming router here is that it can help reduce the ping to provide a seamless online gaming experience. Compared to a traditional wireless router, a gaming router can reduce the lag and ping given that there is no problem from the ISP or game provider’s side. A gaming router has additional settings accessible via the default gateway address of the router, that further helps to improve the online gaming experience.

Quality Of Service

Quality of Service or QoS is another plus point for gaming routers. It is a system that prioritizes the bandwidth to devices or applications. It allows you to prioritize an application or device over other internet services, resulting in that device or application receiving most of the bandwidth.

For people that are living in multi-person households, where multiple people are using the internet at the same time, QoS can prioritize the game being played over other services on the network such as streaming or downloading. This helps to decrease ping and lag, and increases load time, resulting in a smooth gaming experience.

Quality of Service can be used for different applications to prioritize them over other services on the internet. The Quality of Services system can be configured by logging into the router through
QoS is also very useful for people who stream games on the internet. With the help of QoS, they can get fast, efficient, and stable internet access to their devices to play games and stream at the same time.

Better Hardware

With gaming routers, you also get better hardware that includes the processor and RAM. Wireless routers that have more RAM and better processing units can handle more tasks effortlessly, efficiently, and quickly.
When it comes to the comparison between traditional routers and gaming routers, then gaming routers feature better processors and more RAM which helps to decrease ping, improve the overall performance of the router, and also better QoS.
A few years ago, processors and RAM didn’t matter for wireless routers but in this age of the digital world, where technology has improved and things have gotten better and better, a router with better hardware is obviously the better choice and you get that in a gaming router.

Additional Features

Along with other things, with a gaming router, you get additional features like extra gigabit ethernet ports, USB 3.0 ports, and file storage and backup feature. Traditional routers usually have 1-2 ethernet ports only but gaming routers have multiple gigabit ethernet ports which are better than regular ethernet ports.

Gigabit Ethernet ports are faster than regular ethernet ports in terms of speed and data transfer and an ethernet connection is always faster, reliable, and better than a wireless connection. Other features such as USB 3.0 ports, file storage, backup system, VPN, etc are also handy features that you can’t find in traditional routers.
With all of these things, it is quite clear that gaming routers are worth spending a little extra as you are getting some very nice features that you can’t get in ordinary routers. And if you are a hardcore gamer then obviously, a gaming router should be your only choice.


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