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Galaxy S6 models match Note 4 for best-ever smartphone display

galaxys6 mwc 8142
The Galaxy S6 has the world’s best smartphone display, joining its cousin the Galaxy Note 4 atop the podium with a shared crown.

The honor is from DisplayMate, which runs extensive testing on smartphone screens and provides very detailed performance analysis, looking at viewing angles, pixel density, color accuracy, brightness, and other sophisticated measurements.

Testing guru Raymond Soneira, the president of DisplayMate, said the new phone from Samsung “matches or breaks new records in smartphone display performance” in several areas: screen resolution, pixels per inch, and highest absolute color accuracy.

He was impressed with the 2560×1440 resolution that offered 577 ppi in comparison to the Galaxy S5’s 432 ppi, a stark jump in just one release cycle.

However, it’s a shared crown with the Galaxy Note 4, as the larger display still had many of the qualities found in Samsung’s newest device. Samsung’s ability to maintain the display specs and performance with a screen smaller than the Note was particularly laudable, according to Soneira.

Why this matters: Samsung already impressed us when we got to check out the Galaxy S6 at Mobile World Congress, so we’re not completely surprised that this analysis matches our anecdotal observations. Along with the good display and newly robust build quality, we’re eager to get our hands on a review unit. We’ll share all of our impressions when we put it through a thorough test.



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