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Nothing Launched its Ear (2) Earphones and Tesla Unveiled a Cybertruck-Inspired Wireless Charging Platform in This Week’s Tech Roundup

This week in the tech industry, Tesla (NASDAQGS:TSLA -0.94%brought not a new car but, somewhat randomly, a wireless charging platform. Also in the product arena, buzzy London-based tech company Nothing launched its new wireless earbuds, the Ear (2), while renders of the redesigned Apple iPhone 15 Pro leaked on social media show fewer buttons and a smaller camera.

Elsewhere in tech, Adobe offered a first look at its generative AI program, Firefly. While the program is still in beta, content creators can preview all the new tools they’ll soon have access to.
Below, Hypebeast has rounded up the top tech stories of the week so you can stay up to date on trends in the industry.

Tesla Unveiled a $300 USD Cybertruck-Inspired Wireless Charging Platform

Tesla still hasn’t rolled out its Cybertruck to the public after years of delays but it has put out a new product inspired by the infamous vehicle. The company has created a wireless charger for iPhones and AirPod cases. Dubbed the Wireless Charging Platform, the device uses Apple’s AirPower technology, allowing users to simply plop their device anywhere on the mat for it to begin charging. The platform does, however, have to be connected to a wall outlet via a USB-C cable.

The first Wireless Charging Platforms ship out this month, with units priced at $300 USD apiece.

Nothing Launched its Latest Wireless Earphones — Ear (2)

Nothing has followed up with a new iteration of its wireless earphones, the Ear (2). The first version of the pods rolled out in 2021, selling over 600,000 units globally. In its new take on the product, the London-based company says its improved sound quality. “We’ve re-engineered everything from the ground up,” CEO and co-founder Carl Pei said, adding that they’ve “utilized cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate personal listening experience.”

Nothing’s Ear (2) launches glovally on the brand’s website on March 28 for $149 USD per pair.

Adobe Debuted its Generative ‘Firefly’ AI

As for the latest in AI technology, Adobe has a new generative AI program called Firefly. The program is currently in beta but its capabilities are demonstrated in a preview from the company. Like most other image-generating programs, users can type in text prompts to render an image. Beyond that, they can edit a photo or video by giving Firefly text cues – for example, telling the program to have a photo reflect a given “mood,” to which it will adjust the lighting and coloring to match.

When Firefly officially rolls out, it’ll be available across Adobe programs, including Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Adobe plans to advance what Firefly can do, giving users the ability to render more complex compositions via text prompt, such as textures.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Renders Revealed New Buttons

New renders of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro posted on Chinese social media show a revamped design with fewer buttons. Per the images, the two volume buttons have been condensed to one long button, while the mute switch was replaced with a button function.

The camera also appears to be smaller and feature two lenses. It’s not totally clear how Apple plans to retain image quality with a smaller camera, so users will have to wait until the device actually drops to see.

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