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Senegal has restored mobile internet service access after two days of shutdown.

Senegal has restored mobile internet service access after two days of shutdown.

Authorities temporarily suspended access to the internet in the country a few days after President Macky Sall’s postponement of the elections triggered protests in Dakar, the capital.

After a parliamentary session on Monday, lawmakers voted to hold the election in December, extending Sall’s stay in power.

The country’s ministry of communication, telecommunications, and digital economy said the internet disconnection was done “due to the dissemination of several hateful and subversive messages relayed on social networks in the context of threats and disturbances to public order”.


However, many foreign nations and human rights activists condemned the move.

In a statement issued on Tuesday by Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the United States department of state, the US said it was deeply concerned by actions taken to delay Senegal’s February 25 presidential election, which was contrary to the country’s “strong democratic tradition”.

The US also called on the Senegalese government to restore full internet access immediately.


The US also asked the country to ensure that freedom of peaceful assembly and expression, including for members of the press, are fully respected.

On Wednesday, Netblocks, an internet monitoring company, said internet service was restored.

Netblocks added that it was unclear if the restoration would be sustained.

Citizens in Senegal also confirmed the restoration to TheCable.

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