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20 Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is more than just a smart-watch that connects to your iPhone.

Recently, Bob Burdett was mountain biking in Riverside State Park in the state of Washington when he suffered the fall –  he landed on his head and got knocked out. Luckily, Bob was wearing an Apple Watch which, since 2018, has included a feature called Fall Detection.

In Bob’s case, his watch automatically sent a text to his son Gabe informing him that it had ‘detected a hard fall’. It also notified the emergency services and shared Bob’s location with them – potentially saving his life.

Initially, it appeared as if the goal of the Apple Watch was to complement the iPhone, now it does so much more. Your Apple Watch can become an amazing tool when utilized well. It can help you become more productive, lose weight, get in shape, save money and even save your life.

There are many things you can do with the Apple Watch, some of which include the following:

  • Answer calls
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Track your fitness
  • Use the Apple watch like a walkie talkie
  • Record a voice memo
  • Track your cycle
  • Monitor safe hearing levels
  • Use a calculator
  • Act as a compass
  • Listen to podcasts on the Apple watch
  • Use the Apple watch to challenge friends
  • Use the Apple Watch as a flashlight
  • Use the apple watch in water
  • Track your runs
  • Stay quiet in a film theatre
  • Change your watch face
  • See info quickly
  • View and reply to text and iMessage
  • Get Directions On Your Apple Watch
  • Send Drawings from the Apple Watch




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