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Galaxy S8 Allegedly Running Windows 10 Appears

A new set of images appears to show a Windows 10 Mobile-powered Galaxy S8. Samsung has not shown any interest in Windows 10 Mobile ever since its release but according to today’s images, the company may have had a change of heart. Only recently did Samsung partner up with Microsoft to create a Microsoft edition of the Galaxy S8 line which is actually sold in Microsoft’s own stores (though it still runs on Android), so a Windows 10 edition would not necessarily be impossible, though upon closer inspection of the images it appears it may all be too good to be true.

There are three images which show off the home screen, the settings menu, and the Windows 10 Store, which, at first glimpse, appear to be legit, but there are a number of details that appear to be off. Starting with the home screen image, the tiles sitting on the edges of the screen appear to be cut off slightly and, when looking at the top row of smaller tiles, it appears the OneDrive tile has been split in half. Regarding the Windows Store image, the icons of each search category are cut off, as well as the fact that the word “Pick” in the “Picks for you” section is also missing a few letters. When it comes to the Settings menu image, the same slicing of icons is present. Lastly, a couple of details that appear in all three images also point towards these being fakes. First of all, in the top right corner of each screenshot, the time that is usually shown next to the battery icon appears to be cut off due to the curved corners of the display. In addition to this, and perhaps the most obvious detail, is the fact that Samsung’s edge swipe menu is present in each image.

All of these details, although minimal, point towards these simply being screenshots taken on a Windows 10 Mobile device and shown in the Gallery app. After all, the 18:9 resolution present on the Galaxy S8 would explain why there are certain details that are cut off on either side of the display considering that, until now, only the 16:9 ratio has been used for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Although a Windows 10 version of the Galaxy S8 would surely spark consumer interest in the operating system, it’s highly unlikely that Samsung would deem the time and money spent developing such a device due to the extremely low market share that the OS currently holds.


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