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The internet is evolving very quickly and you must catch up fast. Things are changing so rapidly and in very new and exciting ways. You must keep up, your business must keep up, you can not afford to be left out. How?

Up till very recent, you can only register domain names like .com, .net, .biz,, .org, etc, (the suffix part with the “dot something” after your domain name are called domain extensions, e.g. www.inventrium”.net”, here, “.net” is the domain extension). Now, the global internet regulatory body has started to make available new domain extensions that allows for more freedom and expressions in domains naming convention.

We are no longer confined to just three letters. Now there is almost absolute freedom. You can now choose a domain name that reflects precisely the nature of your business and this is available for nearly almost every category of business you can think of. For example, if your business is photography, you can now choose instead of the old

With this new domain extensions, once you give out your website address, people can now immediately know the nature of your service/business even without any explanation. Don’t you think that is great? We think it is absolutely exciting.

See below available domain extensions that you can register immediately. If you feel you can’t find one that is appealing to you from the list, send us your preferred domain name with the extension and we will help you to search and if possible, pre-register it for you.

Click Contact us or Call or Email us: +234-08095487301 / [email protected] to secure your new domain extension now.

New Domain Extensions Available for Immediate registration!

1 .guru
2 .photography
3 .clothing
4 .bike
5 .estate
6 .singles
7 .ventures
8 .gallery
9 .equipment
10 .lighting
11 .plumbing
12 .graphics
13 .camera
14 .holdings
15 .menu
16 .build
17 .uno
18 .academy
19 .builders
20 .cab
21 .camp
22 .careers
23 .center
24 .coffee
25 .company
26 .computer
27 .construction
28 .contractors
29 .diamonds
30 .directory
31 .domains
32 .education
33 .email
34 .enterprises
35 .florist
36 .glass
37 .house
38 .institute
39 .international
40 .kitchen
41 .land
42 .limo
43 .luxury
44 .management
45 .photos
46 .recipes
47 .repair
48 .shoes
49 .solar
50 .solutions
51 .support
52 .systems
53 .technology
54 .tips
55 .today
56 .training
57 .voyage

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