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One convenience I would like Samsung to add in future One UI versions

One of the best things to happen to Samsung’s smartphones in the last year is the introduction of high refresh rate screens. The added smoothness makes it a joy to navigate the user interface or scroll inside apps, and the company’s mid-range phones in particular benefit from feeling a lot quicker than they used to when 60Hz screens were the standard.

Whether 90Hz or 120Hz, a high refresh rate makes a ton of difference to the user experience, though as you would expect, it also takes its toll on battery life. Thankfully, you can always switch to 60Hz (standard) refresh rate when you want to conserve some battery, but, right now, I hate the steps you have to go through to make that switch.

It’s not a lot of steps: You just have to go to the device settings then navigate to the Motion smoothness menu in the display subsection. But Android has a beautiful concept called quick toggles, and it’s surprising that more than a year since it introduced high refresh rate screens to its phones and tablets, Samsung has yet to add a quick toggle for changing refresh rate settings.

Again, it’s not a lot of work to go through the device settings, but it would be great if you could quickly turn off the high refresh rate or turn it back on from the notification shade. You have quick toggles for a lot of other features, including basic ones like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and advanced ones like Bixby Routines, so why not throw in a high refresh rate toggle as well?

Hopefully, Samsung will do so with upcoming versions of One UI, preferably with One UI 3.5 that’s likely to debut later this year with Samsung’s new foldables, tablets, and the Galaxy S21 FE. The pandemic will — fingers crossed — have died down by that time and we will finally be able to freely roam around outside again, and having the option to quickly disable the screen’s high refresh rate to conserve battery outdoors would be very convenient.

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