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Well targeted Social Advertising can generate effective leads, create requisite awareness, garner empathy for your brand and finally lead to purchase of your product.

At Inventrium, we are able to help you tactically reach a well defined audience, especially if you are in Nigeria, amidst the nearly 10 Million Nigerian Face-bookers and ensure your brand message is well told to the people who should hear it.

As we are currently doing with the on-coming Ramadan Lecture of the Ansar-ud-deen College, Isolo, Old Students Association.

The brief was to help increase awareness for the On-coming Lecture to ensure increased attendance.

By leveraging the Facebook Event Maker and tactically promoting the event itself, in less than 3 days, the result is a confirmed attendance of nearly 400 people. The page likes wasn’t our focus, so we ensured that Advertising is well targeted promoting what is at the heart of the Event Executives and Organisers within a well managed budget.

Your best bet of getting the word out and leveraging the multitude of facebook users to promote and advertise your product, engage users with your brand or simply send out a message is allowing us to help you achieve it through a streamlined budget and directly measurable results delivery.

For your online advertising and social media marketing, email: [email protected] or call: 08095487301.

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