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Your OnePlus phone is about become more useful while charging

Google revealed Ambient Mode for the Google Assistant back at IFA 2019, turning your Android phone or tablet into a smart display of sorts when charging. Your charging phone will display information regarding the weather, your agenda, and more. It can even display your photo albums and an interface for controlling smart home gadgets.

Ambient Mode has landed on a few devices already, and OnePlus has just announced that it’s the latest brand to offer the functionality on its phones.

OnePlus confirmed on its forum that Ambient Mode is coming to the OnePlus 3 and above (including the OnePlus 7T series). You can activate the feature by plugging in your phone to charge, tapping the notification, and going through the steps. But you can also manually activate Ambient Mode by visiting Google App Settings > Assistant > Devices (Phone).

“Please note that this is a staged rollout, which might take up to a week to a full release, your patience will be appreciated,” the company cautioned. So you just have to sit tight if you can’t activate it just yet.

Don’t have a OnePlus phone? Well, Google revealed last year that the feature was coming to SonyXiaomiNokia, and Transsion devices. Furthermore, the search giant previously told Android Authority the feature will be available “anywhere on these devices where Voice Match is supported.”


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