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Apple Unveils New AI-Focused IPad Pro

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its new AI-focused chip in the enhanced iPad Pro, featuring a new chip tailored for artificial intelligence computing, signalling its push to catch up with major competitors in the race to dominate emerging technology.

Apple’s latest chip in tablet and Mac laptops, indicates a desire to provide developers with an early opportunity to create AI-related software before its annual software developer conference next month, analysts noted.

Despite the announcements, Apple’s stock saw minimal movement, rising approximately 0.5% after earlier gains of up to1.8%

While Microsoft and Alphabet have fully embraced AI, leading to record-high stock prices, Apple has faced challenges, with its shares declining 5% year-to-date due to weak iPhone demand and investor anticipation regarding its AI strategy.

The new iPad Pro, Apple’s highest-priced model, is equipped with an M4 chip featuring an expanded “neural engine,” specifically designed for AI tasks such as text or image generation, Apple aims to strengthen its AI capabilities.

Although Apple’s chips have included a neural engine since 2017, competitors like Intel and Qualcomm promote competitive technologies known as neural processing units (NPUs) for personal computers.

Additionally, Apple unveiled new models of its mid-priced iPad Air, now available in a larger 13-inch screen size, along with the existing 11-inch size, both powered by the M2 chip introduced in Apple’s MacBooks in 2022.

The full extent of AI capabilities enabled by the new M4 chips may not be evident until Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, where it typically unveils new features for Siri and its operating systems.

Ben Bajarin, CEO of consulting firm Creative Strategies, views Tuesday’s product launch as hinting at future possibilities for generative AI on Apple hardware.

However, some analysts suggest that current AI features, such as enhancing video calls, may not drive significant upgrades.

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed optimism about the company’s prospects in generative AI, promising further announcements later this year.

Analysts note that Apple often tests new technologies in the iPad line before incorporating them into larger products like the iPhone or Mac, indicating a strategic move rather than an immediate solution to sales challenges.

Thomas Monteiro, senior analyst at, believes that Apple is using the iPad line to lay the groundwork for future innovation, minimizing risks associated with larger products while preparing for future advancement.

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