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iOS 14 will reportedly have improved mouse cursor support



iOS 14 is set to have improved system-wide support for mouse cursors, according to 9to5Mac. iPadOS 13 introduced rudimentary mouse support, but you have to dig into the accessibility menu to turn it on — based on what 9to5Mac found, it seems that mouse support will be getting much richer in iOS / iPadOS 14.

9to5Mac says that a lot of features that users may already be familiar with from using a mouse on a Mac will be brought to iOS. One example is that different types of pointers will show up depending on what your mouse hovers over — a change from iPadOS 13’s current mouse, which is always a semi-opaque circle that has a dot in the middle. Mac-like gestures like tapping with two fingers to right click are also apparently being developed for iOS 14, according to 9to5Mac.

The iOS 14 build that 9to5Mac got its hands on also apparently has references to two new Smart Keyboard models. That follows The Information’slate February report that there was a new Smart Keyboard on the way with a built-in trackpad. The iOS 14 code that 9to5Mac has seen apparently did not specifically mention if the new Smart Keyboards will have a trackpad, but there is a “tap to click” setting, which is a setting you can turn on when using an Apple trackpad.


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