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Samsung has confirmed 5 announcements at once on August 5



Galaxy Unpacked will take place on August 5

The head of the mobile division of the South Korean company Samsung Tae-moon Ro has officially confirmed that in a couple of weeks at the Galaxy Unpacked event, as many as 5 new devices will be presented.


Samsung has confirmed 5 announcements at once on August 5

At the Galaxy Unpacked summer event, we’ll be showcasing five powerful new devices. You will be able to live life to the fullest by using these devices in your hand (both in your ears and on your wrist).

He did not name specific devices, but the entire industry expects the event to feature the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphones equipped with flexible screens, the Galaxy Note20 line of tablet phones, the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatches, and the fully wireless Galaxy Buds headphones. Live. New images of these devices appeared yesterday.

The Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on August 5th.


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Tech News

Samsung to Address Next Normal with Galaxy Ecosystem




Samsung Electronics recently hosted its first-ever Galaxy Unpacked virtual event live streamed from Korea, where it introduced the Galaxy Ecosystem that will address the next normal.

Managing Director, Samsung Nigeria, Mr. Caden Yu, who spoke during the global launch, said: “Technology has shown a great influence in enabling our current work environment especially the need to work from home. Working remotely seems to be creating longer worker hours and throwing a nail in the workings of work-life balance principle. Thankfully, Samsung is set to bring this to an end with a new reality; the ability to seamlessly switch between work and play.

“At the core of the ecosystem is the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra, which builds on Note’s legacy as the most powerful Note series yet by bringing PC power and the best Galaxy mobile experience to the palm of one’s hand.”

According to Samsung, the Note 20 series remains an ultimate power phone for work and play. Samsung however said with the Galaxy buds live and Watch 3, it opens consumers’ world to a whole new possibility, with no disconnection and reconnection required. These powerful devices deliver new connected experiences across fitness, health, entertainment and more.

For fitness and health balance, the buds live is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit into the ears providing audio sounds deep and rich so you can enjoy music the way the artist intended.

“While you are on a run, the active noise cancellation of the buds live keep the honking horns of the passing cars and revving sound of the engines away immersing you into your favorite exercise tune.

“For those that do not run, you can still enjoy clear sounds from the buds live while you make a choice from the 120 home training programs on the Galaxy watch 3, tracking your work out progress and monitoring your health status with the new Samsung health Monitor app. Whether you are in the office or working from home, the watch 3 helps you maintain a healthy balance,” Yu said.

He explained that the smartphone videography had just been taken a notch higher with the combination of the Note20, Note20 Ultra and buds live. When paired with these devices, the buds live can be used as a wireless microphone delivering crystal-clear audio while minimizing noise in the background.


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Tech News

WordPress 5.5 – Easy Overview




WordPress 5.5 is a major update. It has over 450 improvements and bug fixes. These are the major changes you should know about in plain English.

Lazy Loading

Perhaps the most exciting change to WordPress is the addition of native lazy loading. Native means that the feature is built-in.

Lazy loading makes your site perform faster.

What makes this feature great is that you don’t have to do anything. It sets itself and your site is faster.

Lazy loading is a method for postponing the download of images and videos that aren’t on screen or needed.

This means that everything else that a web page can be used by a site visitor faster. The reason is because the browser doesn’t have to wait for everything to download.

As a site visitor scrolls down the page, the images and videos are downloaded when the visitor needs it.

Fast loading web pages are associated with more ad revenue and more sales.

Native lazy loading is an beneficial upgrade for WordPress publishers.

Theme and Plugin Auto-update

WordPress is introducing a feature that will automatically update all themes and plugins.

This is an important feature because some updates are critical for preventing hacking attacks.

Hackers often are able to hijack a site because of out of date plugins and themes.

This new feature will prevent that kind of event from happening. This will help keep a site hacker-free.

Auto-update is useful for sites that don’t change very much and don’t use a lot of plugins.

There are edge cases where a plugin update might introduce unwanted issues. That’s why some publishers prefer to manually choose which plugins to update and when.

It’s sometimes safer to manually update plugins for critical patches and wait longer before choosing feature-upgrade updates.

WordPress theme and plugin auto-update is turned off by default. Publishers need to enable it in order to take advantage of this feature.

That said, this is a feature that many publishers will find useful, particularly small business owners that have a generally static site with not too many plugins.

WordPress Site Maps

Site maps are a map of a website. A website map helps search engines discover new web pages to rank.

A site map allows a publisher to tell the search engines where all their web pages are, particularly new web pages.

WordPress will introduce built-in site maps. This means users will not need a third party plugin to generate a site map.

That said, the site map feature has arguably some major limitations. The most important feature that is missing is image site maps.

An image site map is a map of all the images on a web site. Images help Google understand what a web page is about. Images can sometimes rank in the search results.

Thus, being able to tell Google where all the images are is important.

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This function could be considered helpful but with caveats.

Older Browsers No Longer Supported

Support for Internet Explorer 6 through 9 will be dropped in WordPress 5.5. The benefit of this is less code and arguably a leaner and faster performing website.

Outdated CSS Styles Removed

WordPress removed CSS styling code that is specific for IE 6 – 8 from WordPress 5.5.

Most users on the web do not use these older browsers. On my sites, most visitors with IE 6 – 8 tend to be malicious bots pretending to be using those browsers.

Real site visitors don’t tend to use outdated browsers. So this is a welcome change that will make the style sheet a little smaller and thus faster to download.

Masonry-layout Support for Old Browsers Removed

The second deprecation has to do with WordPress’ masonry layout library. It will drop support for IE 8 and 9.

Users who wish to still support older browsers should take due notice of this change and make the appropriate code changes in order to keep supporting older browsers.

WordPress 5.5 Installs a Way to Check Plugins

WordPress has a way to check if a plugin is rogue and to halt it from being updated.

According to the WordPress documentation:

“The new auto-update UI is great, but it would benefit from having a way to remotely disable the auto-update for a plugin/theme.”


WordPress 5.5 is a major update that introduces a great many useful features that will make the site perform faster and help WordPress publishers better achieve their goals.

Publishers may want to consider enabling the auto-update feature if it is appropriate for their circumstance.


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Sony unveiled its next-gen PS5 console nearly after 7 years of PlayStation 4 debut in 2013, with improved overall design, performance and revamped DualSense controller. Shortly after getting teased, the DualSense controller is back in the news. And if the leaks are true, the new controller will have substantially improved battery life compared to the predecessor.

The latest leak comes from a Reddit user named viper_on_fire. As reported by Gamerrant first, he has reportedly caught hold of the DualSense controller and claimed that it would give a battery life 3 to 4 hours more than the DualShock 4.

However, the post was deleted quickly but it has been reshared by another user named blursedpersona on PS5 subreddit along with the deleted video. The post as said by viper_on_fire says that the touchpad is more clicky, L2 and R2 buttons are more tactile with resistance than before.


Further, he added that the L1 and R1 felt more like triggers whereas the D-Pad and main buttons were similar to the ones on the predecessor. While the user didn’t try the haptic feedback and microphone, he did say that the new DualSense controller won’t support PSVR due to the absence of a light bar.

Apart from this, the user said controller felt less bulky, comfortable to hold which is already evident from teasers and has a dimmer light strip in the middle compared to DualShock 4. All these information are difficult to reject as a false rumour because the official teaser shows a larger body, with no rear strip lighting, slightly larger touchpad.


That said, if the claims are true, PS5 users will get a big surge of 3-4hours more battery life on the new controller. The predecessor, however, lasted less than 8 hours. Moreover, many users pointed to a brighter light strip on front and rear could be the reason for it.

Sony unveiled the DualSense controller in an official video back in June with revamped white&black scheme, adaptive shoulder buttons with haptic feedback, built-in mic and a create button. But not much was available about the features and with new leaks, users can rest assured of improved gaming experience when the console launches later this year.

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